7 reasons why Batiste Dry Shampoo is your Hair’s best Summer mate

7 reasons why Batiste Dry Shampoo is your Hair’s best Summer mate

Summer is here and while the temperatures soar and the sun has field days spreading out its smiley across the sky, it’s time to adapt to the new brighter, hotter months. While we know how to beat most summer blues – arming the skin with Sunscreen, downing gallons of nimbu paani and meeting the glare with oversized shades, there’s something we’ve had little less luck with – our hair! 

With an increase in temperature and humidity, the scalp tends to get sweatier and oilier, leaving hair looking and feeling greasy and limp. Without much ado, introducing the perfect panacea to summer hair woes – Dry Shampoos! I’ve been spritzing on Batiste Dry Shampoo wherever I go, and I’ve never had a bad hair day since.

So here’s zooming 7 reasons why Batiste Dry Shampoo is your hair’s perfect summer mate.

  1.   It gives you the perfect tresses without a wash

No surprises here that getting that instant oil-free, blow-dried look is the numero uno reason why dry shampoos are winners. With time being on the run, washing your hair when you need to may hardly be possible. So spray on the Dry Shampoo, massage it gently onto the scalp and let dry. Presto! You’ve got your bouncy hair back !  

  1.   It gives you the texture you desire

Summer styles are all about messy buns, boho braids and voluminous beachy waves. But with sweaty,  slick or limp hair thanks to an increase in humidity, getting your desired style is a challenge.  Spritz on some dry shampoo and enjoy oil free locks with a rougher hair texture that gives you a good grip to work your styles.  Your hair will also stay in place all day.

  1.   It’s your perfect post workout mate

Got yourself a post workout date with the hot hunk in the gym? Or have an important client meeting to run to post workout?  A spritz of Batiste Dry Shampoo and you’re good to go! The powdery starch from the spray absorbs oiliness instantly, leaving your hair looking fresh and blow dried and fresh smelling too.

  1.   It’s your travel buddy

Summer is the time to pack your bags and head out on a vacay! Beachy days and dips in the balmy blue ocean, here we come! Sun and sea exposure can however leave your hair frizzy and unmanageable. Spritz on Batiste and get bouncy, manageable tresses back!

  1.   Its smell instantly uplifts your spirits

A happy head is a happy body and once you spray on Batiste Coconut & Exotic Tropical Dry Shampoo, the scents and hints of coconut ,  sweet vanilla and wild jasmine, will have you skipping to summer beats. Or you could try the Clean and Classic Formula for instant freshness!

  1.   It saves water and is environment friendly

Washing your hair daily is an environmental catastrophe. Washing hair uses 3 buckets of water on an average (approximately 50 litres) as against 16 litres (or 1 bucket) for a regular bath.  Spraying a dry shampoo on, gives you the desired results, while saving tremendous amounts of water! It also saves time and effort, so just spray on!

  1.   It doubles up as a great hack!

Sweaty shoes during summer give your room a moldy smell! Spritz your shoes with Batiste Dry Shampoo and leave them overnight. It will absorb the excessive sweat and odors and leave your shoes smelling clean, fresh and summery. It’s a great way to absorb oil or grease you accidentally dropped on your clothes or tablecloth! Just a spray of dry shampoo and no need to launder it!

With Dry Shampoo Coconut & Exotic Tropical as part of your summer must-haves, your hair could not be happier!

Expert Talk:

Vikas Utkar ( instagram : @Vikas_utkar) , a professional hairstylist says:

“Dry shampoo is a great tool for summer hair care. Its super fine powder absorbs excess oil that weighs the hair down, giving it a natural look and even finish. Its formula has hydrophobically modified corn or rice starch which absorbs oil and makes greasy hair feel clean and refreshed instantly.”   

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